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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES better Distrct Energy Systems Many buildings Geoexchange systemsGeothermal heat pumps,can use low geothermal temperature to heat and cool buildings. ENERGY CONSUMPTION 1.Residential and Commercial Sector Heating and Cooling: Use to mantein desired temperaturesThe most common fuels are:Natural gas (clean fuel)Electricity (air conditioning)Heating oil Ways to save energy:.Maintenance: A technician should service systems annually.Programmable Thermostats: Regualte indoor air temperatures automatically.Insulation: Reduce heat loss and hair infiltration.Caulking and Weatherstripping: Prevent the exchange of inside and outside air The design,placement...of a house can affect the energy efficency of it. New buildings are situated with exposure to the sun, the windows are located in strategically places...The old ones are replecing windows, doors..with better models in order to reduce energy cost. Traditionally homes use incandescents bulbs Lighting But now there are more efficate bulb (CFL) wich are more expensive but they last much longer.In the street there are automatic sensors to waste energy 10% light90% heat Appliances USA is a industrialized society. They spend lot of energy in this sector.The six energy-intensive industries are: 2.Industrial Sector Petroleum Refining Paper Manufacturing Aluminum Manufacturing Steel Manufacturing Chemical Manufacturing Cement Manufacturing 3.Transportation Sector The Automobile Now there are more and more cars, but we are making more efficiently and cleanly,this is becaus Federal government mandates, today passengers cars must have a combined city and highway milage of 27.5 milles per gallon. Alternative Fuels Vehicles can ran with other fuels, but there arenยดt manygas station of other fuels, so this is a problemPopulation know only a little of alternative fuels, consumers must teach them about the benefits oh this vehicles Commercial Transportation U.S Freight, by Mode of Transportation(Millions of tons per year)Truck: 8,778.7Rail: 1,861.3Waterways: 403.6Air: 3.6Multi-mode*: 573.7*Multi-mode includes any combination of truck, rail and waterway
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