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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2011 55.5% 11.9% About 1 in 5 students attending private historically black colleges and universities are unsure whether they can afford to complete college. 1. Intensive Five day training programme adopting student centered methodology2. Immediate implementation, no time lag between learning and transmission3. Combining theory and practice that is contextualised4. Well constructed training materials and guides based on cascaded learning5. Training of School Leadership Teams and District officials How many Americans are worried about the cost of college? 69.5% Have major concerns Have some concerns How many people are relying on scholarships? 74.3% The Varkey FoundationInstructional Leadership Teacher Training Programme THE BEBEFITS THE TEACHERS THE CHILDREN THE DESIGN THE SUSTAINABILITY THE OBJECTIVES 1. 121 Million children affected by war or natural disasters2. 10 million students drop out of school each year3. Crowded classes of 150 students per class4. Two-thirds of the 774 million illiterate are female.5. 58% girls do no complete primary school 1. 5 million teachers required to reach the Universal Primary Education Goals2. Quality and quantity of training available for teachers is limited3. Teacher advocacy around the worlds is at an all time low4. Less than ¾ of existing teachers are trained.5. Average teacher salaries US$10 per day in 8 countries 1. Improve teaching practice through interactive student centered teaching2. Develop self sustaining professional learning networks3. Create more equitable classrooms and better environments for learning4. Support school improvement and monitoring systems 5. Support UNESCOs Education For All (EFA) and UN 2015 Millennium Development Goals 1. Each additional year of schooling increases countries GDP by 0.37%2. Education identified as one of the key indicators of peace3. Quality education is the route out of poverty and war4. Building School Based Teacher Development and self learning programmes5. The greater the quality of teacher the higher the level of student achievement double click to change this title text! 1. Follow up support in schools by VF trainers2. Saturation of schools and districts creating critical mass for change3. Fortnightly follow up workshops delivered and over subscribed4. Training Teacher Tutors in Teacher Training Colleges5. Support of Satellite schools CPD & 10 other schools in district over 12 months THE IMPACT INDIRECT DIRECT xxx communities6700 Teachers335, 000 Students 21 Workshops5200 Teachers260,000 Students THE COST Per child 2.40Per teacher $120
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