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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The transfer of soft skills training ... transfer takes several steps ... Transfer of training is considered the Achilles heel of the training process. That is, when trainees fail to use their new knowledge and skills to improve performance, resources dedicated to training are wasted and business results go unrealized. Inconsistent findings on the impact of workplace variables make it difficult for organizations to pinpoint exactly which factors are most critical for transfer. (c) Jolanda Botke, February 2015 ... several workplace factors impact the transfer ... ... Motivation or intent to transfer... ... Measures on the use of new skills... ... Use of skills, trying new behaviors.... ... Organizational outcomes (operational or financial).... ... Individual behavior or performance, evaluated according to some norm ... The suggestion that soft skills trainingsare meant for personal development leave ambiguity regarding any organizational expectation. Data gathered shortly after the completion of the training may not reflect trainees actual behavioral change and performance improvements. A minimum timelap of 3 monthsis suggested. Mixed results on impact on transfer. Opportunity topractice and use. Task cues Organizational culture Positive impact: Job relevance,AutonomyMixed findings on the impact oforganizational commitment Positive impact:Consequences of using new skills Mixed findings on the impact of learning culture. Job & careeraspects Social support from supervisors, peers, subordinates and management The amount of self-reported data and the mix of objective and subjective measures raises questions of validity. ...and the the impact of the workplace on transfer results.. The work environment has been argued to be a main predictor of transfer. However, different transfer phases might need different types of support. How to get the most out of your soft skills training by optimizing the transfer?What workplace factors matter in each transfer phase?When and how to measure sustainable results?What behavior of managers is supporting the transfer?
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