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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OURHINDI.COM OURHINDI.COM The Fastest Growing Hindi Platform On The Internet - The Journey Started as a Blog to share only a single eBook is now converted into a caravan where you can find eBooks on Almost every topic in Hindi Language. To create and promote Hindi Language and The Literary works and to share the valuable resources to Hindi Lovers. Testimonials मैंने हिंदी की सैकड़ो साईट को खंगाला है. अन्य पुस्तकप्रेमी महज़ एक साईट बना कर कुछ पुस्तकें अपलोड कर खानापूर्ति कर देते हैं. जब उन्हें डाउनलोड करो तो पता चला की लिंक एक्सपायर हो चुकी है या बंद की जा चुकी है. पर मुझे ये पहला साईट मिला जो भरोसेमंद लिंक के साथ हमेशा अपडेट रहता है. मेरी समस्या का इतनी तीव्रता के साथ समाधान करना इसका एक उदाहरण है. एकबार फिर बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद- ZEESHAN " Interested in Advertising With Us ? Right Now Our Site has more than 32,000 + page views monthly with more than 75 books with each book having average 300+ pages. And we can show your (900*90) banner / or text twice on each page . and each book is downloaded more than 10 times a day.It implies that you can reach up to more than300*2*10*70+1500 = 4,21,500 views dailyor 12,645,000 views monthly. What Can We Do For You ?? Out of 12,645,000 views , More than 12,000,000 views/bannersare fixed for Lifetime. As They are merged in PDFYou Pay Us once and we show your ads for Lifetime.Does that sounds good ? well so is the pricing. Do You Know, What the good news is ? Our Pricing Prices are Really low.For Banner Ads on Our SiteTop banner :- Only 30$/ banner /month.Right Sidebar :- Only 25$ / banner / month.Bottom :- only 5 $ (You can have up to 2 banners)For E books :Only 10$ per E book with More than 300 pages5$ for E books Having Less Than 300 Pages. Have Any Questions ?Feel Free To Ask Contact For Further Details and Inquiry Our Mission: Our Mission:
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