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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education -Degree in Primary Education (2011/15).-Teaching Certificate (C.A.P. 2007).-Degree in Business Administration and Management (2003/07). Soraya Romero Moreno - 639 708 672 San Fernando de Henares - Madrid -Volunteer Teacher (Junior Achievement Foundation, June 2012)-Instructor in an English camp (Instituto PAE, July 2009 and July 2011).-Extracurricular activities- English and Dance - (Grupo Educativo, 2009-2011).-Starters teacher (YLE - Cambridge ESOL). (Activa, 2010-2011).-Private tutor (Economy, English and Primary Ed.) (2004 - 2011).-Dance teacher: Latin Rythms and Jazz Funk in Dance academies, schools and gyms (2006 - 2011).-Teacher of the subjects taught in English (International School SEK Ciudalcampo, 2007-2008).-Administrative and financial tasks (GTM S.A., July - Sept. 2007). ICTs in the classroom Work Experience -Communication skills.-Planning and organizing.-Leadership and teamwork.-Analitycal and research skills.-Flexibility and adaptability. -Travelling.-Dancing.-Multicultural environments.-Languages.-Going to the theater and cinema.-Learning. Competences and Skills I am... I love... Languages -Spanish: mother tongue.-English: C1 Certificate in Advanced English.Intensive courses in England, Ireland and The U.S.-German: A2, studying at the moment. -Responsible.-Self-demanding.-Hard-working.-Self-motivated.-Polite.-Punctual.-Non-smoker. Teaching and motivating Students
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