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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] One of the biggest questions for Brands interested in Social Mediais understanding who is influencing discussions and perceptions of their brand online.With theviral nature of the social web,it only takes one person with a gripe or issue with your brand, with good online connections and they could cause alot of damage. You need to know as soon as your reputation is on the line. You need to know about the attacks by your detractors, or competitors but you should also know about the good mentions when you arerecieving praise. With minimal training, users can search for, find and be analysing valuable information about brands, competitors and topics from day one. By using Sentiment Metrics world class technology suite you can listen to the realtime social conversation flow, andrespond to your customers within minutes of the question or problem being raised. Theres a fast-moving current in online and social media and we use our industry-leading softwareand team of analysts to monitor, measure and evaluate the brands reputation to help plan digital strategy. We have several options that allow you to integrate our data directly into your products. We have spent years refining our data acquisition technology so can provide youun-parelleled quality of data and reach. Social media monitoring is the active monitoringof social media channels for information about a company or organisation. We can automatically score mentions about you, or your brands as positive, neutral or negative. Over time this gives you the ability to view whether sentiment towards you is swinging to more positive or more negative. By tracking social media we can show you if the volume of discussion is going up or down over time, and highlight any peaks and troughs in volume. Beginners guide to Social Media Monitoring
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