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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Energy Comsumption The fuels that are usuallyused in the USA are natural gas(the most used),electricity(the second leading source)and heating oil(the third leading source). The 4 most important things a consumer can do are:-Mantaining equipment in good working.-Have programable thermostats.-Insulate the walls and the windows.-Preventing the exchange of inside and outside air. -Geoexance buildings:This systems, employthe heat of the soil tocool the houses that use it. -Building design:The placement, design andmaterials can affect the energyefficiency of homes and buildings.New buildings are normaly situated with maximum exposure to the sun, for example. -Lightning:Lightning is essentialto a modern society.The most of the peopleuse incandescent bulbs(normal bulbs), but isbetter to use fluorescent lightning like compact fluorescent bulbs. Appliances:It have revolutionizedthe way to spend our timeat home.There are 3main types:-Water heating: This is oneof the most expensive of the 3.It use natural gas or electrcity.-Refligerators: Before 1980, itspent 2215 kWh, but now, only spend 450 kWh.-Washers and dryers: The firstwashers and dryers, spent a lotof energy and water, but now,we use a 60% less energy and a40% less water.-We use a lot more appliancesevery day, but when we use it,we need to pay attention to theEnergy Efficiency Rating (EER). Industrial sector: We usea lot of energy in industry,like in:-Petroleum refining:We do this to transform the crudeoil into other products.-Steel manufacturing: Thesteel industry consumesabout the 3% of the energyof the U.S.-Aluminium manufacturing:It use a 30% of the totalcost to pay the electricity.Today, it spend a 58% lessthan before.-Paper manufacturing: It spenda lot to convert the wood topaper now, but we use a 42% less energy than 35 years ago.-Chemical manufacturing: Thechemical industry use naturalgas and coal to produce energy.-Cement Manufacturing: Makecement reqiures a lot of energy,because u need to put it at 3500degrees farenheit. Transportation sector:Because of the cars,(because all the peoplehave it), the total amount of used fuel have aumenta 30%. To have less polute, wecan use alternative fuelslike:-Electrcity(electric cars)- Commercial transport:In the commercial transport, we use:-Truks.-Planes.-Railroads.-Mass transit:It includes transports like trains,buses and subways. Diego Sada
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