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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Religious Freedom in Turkey 20B Confiscated Religious Property Hundreds of ReligiousProperties were confiscatedby the Turkish Government. Confiscated land hasn't been fully returned Only 2/5 of Mor Gabriel,a seized monastary,has been returned The Halki Seminary would reopen Discrimination Turkish textbooks portray religious minorities in a discriminatory way Three religious minorities (Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox and Jewish) are allowed to provide (closely monitored) religious education Religion listed on Turkish Identity cards opens religious minorities up to discrimination Atheists who speak out against the government are persecuted but that could change with a constitution that protects religious freedom. There are no non-Muslim high ranking officials in the public sector 340 The number of properties returned or compensated for 1000 Turkey's "secular" government heavily regulates religious freedom,... the number of denied applications for returnor compensated property WITHOUT the consent of the religious groups Currently Potentially 12.5 Million the Number of Alevis in Turkey 99% of Turkey is Muslim The Turkish government refuses to recognize Alevism, a Muslim sect The Presidencyof Religious Affairs(Diyanet) administers Sunni Mosques The Diyanet has grown in power under the Justice and Development Party other religious communities would be able to open theirown seminaries and monasteries Religion would not be listed on identity cards All religious minorities would have equal rights All religions would be recognized The government wouldn't be incharge of religious education Religious minorities wouldn't be portrayed in a negative way places of worship and cemeterieswould be returned
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