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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ten big mistakes e-tailers make A busy, confusing, or ad-strewn site isa complete no no Include concise, keyword-rich descriptions and even stats on how many times the item has been previously bought to reassure customers Grainy photos or poor zoom function areeasy ways to lose a sale User experienceMinimal steps between product viewing and purchase Employ a website design that is fast loading for mobiles as well as desktop computers. The number one reason that customers abandon their shopping cart is unexpected costs added to their purchase Faceted search Allow users to apply a range of filters to explore information enhances customer power and control Features such as a single sign-on,"guest checkout" quicken and enhance the shopping experience. Several big name Aussie brands have struggled to perfect their online strategy. Online sales is not easy but following these surely makes it effective. If you're not posting, instagraming, pinning or tweeting, you're just not competing. Generate positive dialogue! Experience Site Appearance Compatibility Search Checkout procedures, customer accounts Unexpected Fees and Shipping Cost Reviews Social media integration Poor quality images and zoom function The transaction isn't complete yet! And and extra one...Effective customer service! Don't neglect functions such as: recommended "buy next" options, live purchase stats or prompts for low stock in a "watched" item.
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