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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Interim Survey 2014 ''We are witnessing the start of a major transformationin the way the industry works'' @theRSAgroup "Interim Executives take immense pride in the services they deliver, who they deliver them to and the types of projects they see as attractive." £ Working days 15.79% 68.42% 18.42% 63.16% Transnational Clinical Development Drug Safety Medical Affairs Medical Areas Industry Biotech- 67 % Pharma - 33 %None of those interims who partook in the survey workedin 'consumer health' or 'diagnostics/medical devices' Size of Client Small Medium Large 23% 37% 40% Small clients were considered those organisations with 1-49 employees. Medium clients were considered companies with 50 to 4,999 employees. Large clients were considered companies with 5,000+organisations. Reasons for Interim Engagement RSA, the leading Life Sciences executive search and Executive Interims Specialists, our survey sought to explore issues around Interim placements in the Life Sciences sector, including remuneration for Executive Interims, reasons for Interim engagement and operating models. We want to refine the understanding and value of Executive Interims in today's competitive and changing market. Hiring is one of the biggest challenges a company faces,and the process for bringing for bringing in an Interimexecutive can be equally complex. Time as an Interim Daffyd Wright RSA Director of Interims Biotech Pharma 1. 2. Medical areas of interim support provided by thoseInterims who partook in our survey. 1. We are now the leading provider of Executive Interims into the Life Sciences industry. Because we put the time into understanding the executives, we can give you shortlists in hours. Gap cover Specific Project Consulting/Expertise Input of interims are earning £1000 to £1500 daily negotiated rate. 70% Interims have theircontracts extended 1/3 Interim contracts that were extended after original contract had ended: - With hdsaldksdkmsad 1 - 3 4 - 6 7 - 12 13 + Months Months Months Months 22% 23% 25% 30% % of Interims who had their contracts extended for a period of months of these contracts are secured using an executive search firm 50% of Interims work 3 days or less. 1/2 Just under of Interims work 5 days per week 1/3 The average original contractfor Interims is 4 - 12 Months
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