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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 WAYS TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN STRONG PASSWORDS Change your password every 6 months Never give outyour password Use, at the minimum, 8 alphanumericcharacters, letters, and numbers Create a different password for every account Usepassphrases Make new passwordsevery 6 months on eachaccount. Make sure not to recycle your passwords! This includes someoneasking in person (e.g.,parents, significant other)or in an email link or overthe telephone If you have an accountthat will allow it, use (e.g.,% or ?) too. When you use letters, use upper and low--ercase. The longer and more complex the passwordgets the harder it is to crack (e.g., EKU email, Yahooemail, Facebook, eBay).This way if one accountis compromised, the keywill not open all doors For example, a line froma song or poem and use thefirst letters of each word.(e.g., "Once upon a midnightdreary, while I pondered") could become this password"ouAmndW1p" A strong password is like alock on your car, apartment, orhouse--it keeps others away from your online privacy andelectronic things. those thingsare your email, bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc.Building and maintaining strongpasswords will make it much more difficult for a computer hacker to destroy your life and your credibility. Hackers try to guess passwords by using your personal life against you--names of a significant other, a telephone number, or the name of your petor hometown. If guessing doesn't work they will use a piece of soft--ware to guess (or "crack") for them. Avoid -Using a password generator--hackershave those too!-Writing your password down!-Sending your password(s) in an email!-Allowing people to look over your shoulderwhile you type your password(s)!
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