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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 96% Percentage of Victims Financial Abuse Emotional Abuse Physical Abuse It is any form of physical pain that uses physical force and causes bodily harm. For example: pushing, hitting, slapping,and forced feeding. The injuries of physical abuse are often untreated and unexplained. ELDER ABUSE Family Members Neglect Causing fear of isolation or violence in an elder. This makes the elder feel worthless and provokes their loss in dignity and identity.Examples of this are: insults, threats, name-calling, yelling, ignoring, and more. This is the most common form of elder abuse. This includes theft and the misuse of money plus the elder'sproperty/items. Withdrawing money from elders' bankaccounts and/or forcing signatures on legal documents iscommon. This happens when the person who is responsible for the elder fails to reach the elder's needs. This could mean not providing proper food or living conditions.Over or under medicating is also a form of neglect. Older Canadians Younger Canadians Physical Assualt Cases RobberyCases 7,900 According to a survey done on 5000 people across Canada, inwhich 35% were elders, Statistics Canada found that in 2009 alone, there were believed that abuse and neglect of elders is often hidden. REPORTED cases of elder abuse. WHY WE SHOULD CARE AND HOW TO REPORT ABUSE In 2036, people over theage of 65 will make 25%of Canada's population. If you feel an elder is being abused and is at risk, call 911 immediately. If you are not aware of the situation,speak to the elder and let them know about their rightsand offer to help until they are prepared to let the policeknow. Elder abuse is not onlywrong but it can leadto serious mental and/or physical harm. The victims are often tooscared to ask for help and are afraid of getting a lovedone in trouble. About one third of allthe cases reported aredone by family memberswhile another third is doneby a friend or acquaintance. Many staff members are unaware of how to care for the elderly especially those who are mentally or physicallyimpaired. The seniors living in homesare more vulnerable especiallybecause they do not have family to look after them. Also,because many are there for extra medical care. Nursing Homes According tot the Ontario network, Elder abuse is defined as: Single or repeated acts, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within a relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person. (WHO, 2002) Hamdah Tahir 1 2 5 3 7 6 8 11 10 9 14 13 4 12
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