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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Budget PublicEducation State As public education declines,the United States falls behindother world powers in Literacy,Mathematics, and Science. United States Japan China CanadaSwitzerland Reading Mathematics Science 500 487 502520 529 539533 555 549524 527 529501 534 517 Education confers onindividuals both personaland financial benefits. At times when thereare budget cuts for the state,public school systems seethe biggest loss of money. The AmericanDream is DEAD Public Educationand theAmerican Dream 3.5 million jobs are unfilledhere in the US, and there are13 million unemployed This shortage is becausethere is no one qualified tofill these positions Most people who enrollin a community collegedo so in order to advancetheir qualifications forpotential career options. The AmericanDream is Alive Even with the help ofcommunity colleges,most jobs requirethe qualificationsof a bachelors degree,not just an associates Final Verdict The American Dreamis different from personto person for some peopleit may just be to graduatecollege or even highschoolown a house and start a family. TheAmericanDream isAlive The road to the American Dream used to just be from poverty to themiddle class, done by most peopleby going to college and buying a house. The average collegegrad has $25,250in student loans The American Dream is stillalive because it can be lookedat differently by anyone.Therefore one can still achieveit because it is what they makeit through the help of their education What is theAmerican Dream?? Community college andthe American Dream
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