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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Making Strategy Making Strategy Achieving Goals Utilizing Assets Explioting Distictive Competencies Delivering Outcomes -Bank Facility-OEM Approval-Ayman Hegab - Operations Expert-Experinced staff with a wide industry expertise -Ability to invest in new product lines-Ability to be awarded high-margin service contracts-Ability to get high-volume/ exclusive contracts-ability to participate in different tenders-Ability to provide turnkey solutions -Sound Financial Performance-Strong Market Presence -Launch new products lines-Have integrated marketing strategy-Launch internship programs -Ability to develop long-lasting relationships with customers-Ability to retain employees-Ability to undertake tough jobs -Good Relations with Armed Forces/MOI-Highly competitivecompensation system -Growing Market Share-Supplier of choice for many clients -Encourage ideas' generation-Add fresh blood to the company-Adhere to meaningful emiratization-Introduce effective HR functions Site Technology Setting Priority Initiatives -Reduce delivery time-Improve financial management-Hire Experienced Talent -We are growing our market share-We have strengthened our existing competitive advantage-We have Increased Profit through diversified portfolio-We are securing high margin contracts/jobs -We are maximizing employee motivation/ satisfacion-We are a leader in operations management-We are serving our customers better-We have addressed growing competition from Indian and Chinese suppliers -Our customer satisfaction is growing-We are always avoiding loosing key customers-We maximized shreholders' return-We have an improved cash flow management -We are considered best in class generators service organization-Our Focus is on building a competitive advantage in the service line of business PI Site Technology MDS CAT Cummins Market Share Number of Empoyees Number of Exclusive Brands Number of Divisions Number of Branches WW x 1000+
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