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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sleep Apnea : : a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts There are two main types... There are two main types... Obstructive the more common form which occurs when throat muscules relax during sleep causing your airway to narrow or close, not allowing an adequate breathe in Central Central the more serious form which occurs when your brain doesn't send the proper signals to the muscules that control your breathing, most commonly caused by heart failure or a stroke "The stereotype of a sleep apnea patient is an overweight or obese man who snores. While there's some truth there, the stereotype falls apart with age. After menopausal age, women are at the same risk as men." WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? ~ morning headaches~awakening with dry mouth or sore throats~loud snoring~aburpt awakening followed by shortness of breath WHAT ARE THE RISK FACTORS? ~being overweight~being older~use of alcohol~smoking~heart disease Sources: Sources: 5 Surprising Facts About Sleep Apnea. (2013, July 8). Retrieved Decemeber 23, 2014. from Sleep apnea. (2012, July 24). Retrieved December 23, 2014. from http:/ Long Term Consequences: the lack of oxygen your body recieves while you are asleep with this disorder can eventually cause... + HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE+ STROKE+ DEPRESSION+ DIABETES "The best thing I can be is aware and educated about Sleep Apnea" Sleep Apnea- Overview & Facts. (n.d.). Retrieved December 23, 2014. from
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