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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Event Plannning Services ICT & AV Services A dedicated representative from our Sales Department ensures a completefollow-through on your event enquiry from a sales proposal customised to your requirements and budget, to a licence agreement for your confirmed event. Our Event Planning Service (EPS) Department takes over from the assigned sales representative once you have signed up to organise your event at BCCK. A designated member of the EPS team communicates closely with you and coordinates with all the operation departments on your requirements, serving as the focal contact on every aspect of your event organisation room configuration, ICT, audiovisual, food and beverage services, menu design, table setting, event programme, decor coordination, etc. This recipe reduces the caloriesby 40%!This recipe reduces the sugar by 80%This recipe reduces the cost by25 - 40%Increased FRESHNESS by 100% "Skinny, Healthy, and on What We Do To Deliver Your Event Grandbois Group IncSee blogs Banquet Event Order Sales Proposal Every stage of your event from enquiry to materialisation is accorded professional care and attention by BCCKs team members specialised in their respective fields of work. Sales Response Enquiries Upon confirmation BCCKs chefs, backed up by a well-trained culinary production team, possess a wealth of culinary experience in international, Western, Chinese, Malay and local cuisines. They know best how to tailor the menus to match your specific needs and budget. Working hand in hand with our Procurement Department, our chefs carefully determine the freshest and quality ingredients for your food and beverage requirements. The shift F&B Services The sale Our Centre keeps abreast with and offers high performance presentation and communication technologies, in response to the technology needs of our clients. Well-versed ICT and audiovisual technical personnel are deployed for the setting up of your events technical requirements, and to assist you before and during your event.
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