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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Speed up profits by letting people sample your cupcakes. Make a list local organizations, businesses and activities where you can hand out free samples, or donate a small dessert package. Remember to include business cards anddetails on how people can order more. Contact your city for information on licensing, permits and local zoning for home-based businesses.Check with your state's Health Department. If you bake cupcakes at home, your kitchen space will need to pass an inspection. Also ask about labeling laws for food packaging. A business plan can show you whether or not your idea will be profitable, help you arrange an advertising campaign and estimate how long it will take to achieve a positive cash flow.Putting together a plan beforehand can save you money & costly mistakes. How to Start a Home-Based Cupcake Business 1. Find Out Rules & Regulations 2. Put Together a Business Plan You want to start a business working at home, and you enjoy baking cupcakes.So, why not start a company where you get paid to make them? 3. Get Supplies & Equipment 4. Attract a Bunch of Buyers Save money: buy bakeware and food prep items at wholesale restaurant suppliers. Shop online and compare prices.Stock up on product packaging supplies like bags, boxes, tins, gift wrap materials and labels. Create your own labels using online resources.
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