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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Speed up profits by letting people sample your cupcakes. Make a list local organizations, businesses and activities where you can hand out free samples, or donate a small dessert package. Remember to include business cards anddetails on how people can order more. Contact your city for information on licensing, permits and local zoning for home-based businesses.Check with your state's Health Department. If you bake cupcakes at home, your kitchen space will need to pass an inspection. Also ask about labeling laws for food packaging. A business plan can show you whether or not your idea will be profitable, help you arrange an advertising campaign and estimate how long it will take to achieve a positive cash flow.Putting together a plan beforehand can save you money & costly mistakes. LAS DECIONES FINANCIERAS DE LA EMPRESA 1. Find Out Rules & Regulations 2. Put Together a Business Plan You want to start a business working at home, and you enjoy baking cupcakes.So, why not start a company where you get paid to make them? - Trampas en la Toma de Deciones - Etapas en Toma de decisiones * Aventarse* Ceguera* Falta de control de los cuadros* Exceso de seguridad en sus propios juicios* Atajos miopes* Actuación intuitiva* Fracaso del grupo* El engaño de la retroalimentación* Falta de registros* No auditar el proceso de decisiones
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