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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where It's Located: Western, desert areas such as Arizona, Africa, Chile, Northern Texas, New Mexico, Southern Utah, parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana (semi-arid) Climate Dry Climate (arid/semi-arid) Tropical climate which is a non-arid climate having average temperatures above 18* C. Precipitation happens often in this region which is followed by thunderstorms almost every day. The equator experiences tropical climate which usually is known for hot and humid weather conditions The long-term weather patterns of an area Human Habitation: Depending on the location people don't usually inhabit these areas due to lack of many things for survival Vegetation: Low; few plants are able to survive in these conditions but some include aloe vera, cactus, scrub bushes, and grasses Animal Habitation: Very few animals live here but the ones who do have adapted to the conditions. Animals such as the desert fox, sidewinder snake, and camels live here. Including scorpions. Classification System Tropical Climate A tropical rainforest climate is usually found at latitudes within five degrees North and South of the equator, which are dominated by theIntertropical Convergence Zone.The climate is mostly commonly found in Southeast Asia, Central Africa and South America. There are many different types of animals in the tropical climates.Some being Orangutans, King Cobra, African Elephant, Linn's Sloth,Vampire Bat, SilveryGibbon, etc. There are also many plants such as the Bengal Bamboo, Coconut Tree, Jambu, Curare, Kapok Tree, Mangrove Forests, etc. Are systems with a distribution of classes created according to common relations or affinities The Classification System classifies living and non- living organisims
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