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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sources of Energy InfographicHydroelectric Dams Sources of Energy Infographic-Hydroelectric Dams Refrence Section Refrence Section ~ How It Works (Ontario Power Generation Booklet)~ Definition Definition The generation and distribution of electricity derived from the energy of falling water or any other hydraulic source. Process of Energy Production Process of Energy Production double click to change this header text! ~If something were to happen to the dam, it would cause major flooding to the area~The presence of the dam could effect the migrations of species such as fish. Environmental Issues Environmental Issues To produce energy in a hydroelectric dam, water is collected at the top of the dam that is called a forebay. Then, the water travels through a pipe (called a penstock) and heads toward a turbine. When the waterflows down the penstock it gains speed as it hits the turbine, allowing it to spin. The turbine is connectedto a generator which then converts the kinetic energy to electric energy. Hydroelectricity is a renewablesource of energy because it will not be depleted in a lifetime. Renewable NonRenewable Renewable / Non-Renewable of Ontario's Energy is Produced Using Hydroelectricity 20 % This is being used all over Canada where there are lakes, rivers, waterfalls and other waterways. This is because the flow of water allows kinetic energy to be used to create electricity. Where in Canada is This Being Used Why? Where in Canada is This Being Used? Why? Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Hydroelectric Dams Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Hydroelectric Dams Advantages: ~uses a renewable source of energy ~is a reliable source of energy ~creates no smog and greenhouse gas emmisions Disadvantages: ~dams cost a lot of money to build ~droughts can occur ~harms ecosystems Interesting Facts Interesting Facts Some of Ontario's hydroelectric stations are nearly 100 years oldand still create energy today. Another interesting fact is that hydroelectric stations create overone-third of Ontario's power generations electricity production.
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