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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Are web 2.0 projects codeing we learned how to makea game and how to devlop games to do things we wanted them to do. Codeing is kinda funbecause it makes you feel like you are in control you tell them what to do not the gameit just makes sence to me i under stand how it works it already process throug the computerand you see how it all unfolds. 39g sugar Internet safety. We started off the class by basically learning how any type of bullying is a serious problem and how we an prevent the problem from coming to our school we read about real cyber bulling problem\and how some of the kids comitted sucide because it was just a really bad thing and they felt like they did not belong on this earth. cuber bulling Key bording is not one of my favorite things to do but after trying nitro type it was acually kinda fun you can race other payers and the wompas love it i started out a little rocky but after a while i got the hang of it and now it is really fun .How i like it now is it brings out your compettive side and you start to get erge to win and winn and after a while you start winning mainly evey race you start. google earth is awesome because it it fells like you can go any were you want it is fantastic the way you can just travalacross the world in 3 sec it is awesome the way you canjust record or you can talk while yo do the tour it is just phenomnial the way you can do it every body should try it at some point. google sketh up is a fantastic program you can basicly rule the world make what you and see how it looks it is a petty good program that you can make i feel awesome you can learn arcutechure and how to build it is fantastic and awesome. 70 calories 87 calories essentialelectrolytes beverages the many the many of types 78 calories calcium 290 mg 120 mg caffeine 40 mg caffeine
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