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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pacific Northwest Region Team Trainer Program What is the new Team Trainer Program all about? How is it different from the Team Trainer Program now? Who will support me in this role? How will this help in my career at Whole Foods Market When will the position be posted for my team? The Team Trainer Program is a unifiedteam trainer program that focuses on; skills development of trainers, successful new member on-boarding and to provide a career path for Team members who are looking to move up. The Trainer position will be an elevated positionwith a wage increase. A Team Trainer will have additional responsibilities and expectations. Team Trainer will go through a interview process and will attend a two day trainer certification lead by the L&D team. Team Trainers will also have dedicated time to focus on training.This position has a two year term. Team Trainers will have the opportunities to learn transferable skills such as; Coaching and Feedback, Communication,Adult Learning styles, Leadership, Presentation skills, Public Speaking. These skillswill be the foundation for growth at Whole Foods Market.In the Pacific Northwest. Team Trainers will be supported by TeamLeadership, Store Leadership, Market Trainers and The L&D team. With the uniqueness of every store and every team in our region, Team Trainer positions will be determined by the needs of the specific team. Frequently Asked Questions
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