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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Web 2.0 WHICH Mine is keyboarding. it can teach me how to type fast when I grow up so I don't take forever trying to type everything! I love the Nytro type we can do in class it is so fun. Google earth. It helps you find places likeNatonal monuments, Statue of liberty. It is really neat. I love how it canteach you so much that you did notknow about places around the world. It is probably my favoriteto do in Web 2.0. Web 2.0 was a awesome class. We all love it. It can be easy and fun if you participateand be nice and respectful.It is a cool and fun activity class. It doesn'teven seem like you are learning. it just feels like you are always playing a game. I am glad i am in Web 2.0!!!!! Web 2.0 was a great expierience to me. i loved everting about it. I hope I can have it again. As long as it is funI think Mr.Krick did a great job on web 2.0. It is so fun. I will surely miss it the rest of the year!All the stuff we did in this class is a great memory. i love this class a lot. Thank you Mr. Krick! I also absolutly lovedcoding. It was fun and easy.I liked how it was fun and a fast learning subject. i liked the games beacausethwey were cool.I liked the games also beacause they were creative. Mine was Internet Safety. I now know how to stay safe online.I thought it was so interestinghow people can be bad online.Itteached me what to do and whatnot to do online.Also, not to give out information. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also liked the google sketch up.iot was really funand tidy.It was awesome how we had to do stuff by our self like robots and houses. it is so interesting. it made me feel awesome.I love how it was so creative! activity did you like best?
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