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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events leading to the American Revolutionary War In 1763 King George III issued the Proclomation of 1763 whichprohibited colonists from settling land west of the Appalachian Mountin. This angered the colonistsbecause they had just fought a war to gainthe right to settle that land. In 1765 the British Government passed the Stamp Act which put a tax on any documented papers like playing cards and leagal documents.The Colonists were angry because they had no say in making these taxes.They called it taxation without representation. In 1767 Charles Townshend passed the Towsend Act that put a tax on lead, glass,paper, paint and tea. The colonists decided to boycot all items made in England which made the British merchants mad and in 1770 the Towsend tax was Repealed. Except for the Tea tax. The Colonist were still mad about the Tea Tax and wanted to show the king and parlament what they thought of the Tea tax. So in 1773 The Sons of Liberty in Boston dressed up in indiancostumes and dumped the equivalentof $4,000,000 worth of tea off a tradeship into the Boston harbor. This wasknown as the Boston Tea Party. On March 5th 1770 somecolonists started picking on a British soldier outside thethe Boston Custom House.He called for back up and eight British soldiers tried to control the crowd.Someone yelled fire and theBritish fired into the crowdkilling 5 Colonists. This was known as the Boston Massacare. On April 9th 1775 the Britishregulars were marching to concordto take control of a supply house that held Boston's War supply likeguns and ammo. The Minute Men were ready for them atLexington & Concord. The coloniststurned the British back and won thebattle. This was the first battle of the revolution. On July 4th 1776 the second contenental army was held inPhiladelphia where Thomas Jefferson wrote theDeclaration of Independence.All of congress signed and declared independence from England and the colonies became America. Matthew Clampffer 12/23/14
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