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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 만화,대여제 디지털사업본부 eBook노윤정 1. 만화 eBook 시장, 플레이어 Isaac Moores, b.ftv Laypeople sometimes confuse the director with the producer. This is understandable since they are both "bosses" of the film, and indeed their jobs can often overlap. The difference is that the producer is usually responsible for overseeing the entire project, including finance and budgets, hiring staff, managing logistics, etc. The director is more responsible for the creative aspects. The director is usually hired by and answerable to the producer. 2.컨텐츠 공급 가능 업체 검토: 한국이퍼브 (학산,대원,서울,DCW), 예당 The role of a director has not changed very dramaticallyin the past, especially as it is such a broad term, but one clear example of how technology in particular has effected it is the use of screens to view what is being filmed. In the past when film cameras were used the directors main role on set was getting the actors to perform the way they wanted them to rather than actually watching what was being filmed, not with digital filmsthe director will often sit in a tent and watch on a screen what is being filmed. In some cases the director will not even leave the tent to direct their actors, and will use a speaker system to communicate instead. By Hannah Moores
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