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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Save the World... ...One Step at a Time Natalie CroxtonPeriod 412/19/14 Carbon Footprint Changing just a fewminor things everydaycan lead to a happier, healthierEarth. Ecological Footprint Water Footprint My Water Consumption: (Gallons per Day) On a yearly basis, I produceapproximately 22 tons ofCarbon Dioxide (5 tons less than thenational average). My Carbon Footprint I use an average of 4,176 gallons of water per day (80 gallons less than theaverage American). If everyone lived like me, we would need 4.4 Earth'sto provide enough resources. It takes 19.6 global- acres to supportmy current lifestyle. My Ecological Footprint Even though everyday acts like like leaving the water on while you brush your teeth may seem like no big deal, when everyone is doing it, these small acts leave a large, damaging footprint. Tips for Reducing Your Footprint Reduce your Carbon Footprint by... Reduce your Water Footprint by... Reduce your Ecological Footprint by... . -Composting food scraps & yard waste-Turning off the lights when leaving a room-Using energy efficient light bulbs-Riding the school bus-Recycling-Avoiding printing unnecessary documents-In winter keeping the thermostat lower/ higher in summer -Taking shorter showers-Eliminating baths-Wearing clothes more than once before washing-Covering swimming pool to prevent evaporation-Turning off faucet when brushing teeth-Washing our cars less-Filling dish washer to capacity before running-Reducing number of showers per week -Eating vegetarian twice a week-Walking/riding bike home from school-Being a better recycler-Carpooling to after-school activities -Finding activities to do close to home rather than travel on weekends-Planting a garden/trees By making a few simple changes,the earth can sustain us and generations to come! Leave no trace
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