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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STEREOTYPE THREAT ' Racial Average in SAT Math Stereotype threat is evident whenpeople are at risk of conformingto the negative perceptions ofa group as described by other people. National Center for Education Statistics 536 428 WhiteBlackAsian 595 Latino 463 Racial Average in SAT Critical Reading White Black AsianLatino 527 428 518 448 "Different groups in the midst of those tests may be under different degrees of pressure, and their performance is likely to reflect that." - Claude Steele, who coined the term "Stereotype Threat" Racial Average in SAT Writing WhiteBlack AsianLatino 518 417 528 443 THINK OF FAILURE AS A WAY TO LEARN,NOT A PRODUCT OF ETHNICITY. HOW CAN YOU REDUCE THE THREAT? VALUE SELF-WORTH,DO NOT DWELL ON SHORTCOMINGS. EMBRACE CULTURAL IDENTITY, PROVE THEM WRONG. Don't blame yourself or your background whenyou fail a test. What's important is you never let anything deter your ability. Forget those C's and D's. You are worth more than them. Think of what you succeed in. May it be a sport, music orart, whatever your passion is, defines you. Eat your tamales with pride. You are part of something wonderful and unique. The negative perceptions of society should not affect you in any way except motivate you to improve yourself. Realize your confirmation bias, then work on it. Contemplate on what led society to perceive a certaingroup this way. If your race is often associated with failing tests, accept that to the extent that you'll break out of this belief.
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