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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My carbon footprint Red is home energy 45.7%Grey is food diet 12.8%Green is driving 38.9%Yellow is recycling and waste 2.6% A carbon foot print is just our effect on the environment with the carbon that we use. How we can shrink our carbon foot prints: More efficient lights Ceiling fans instead of air conditioning Recycle My water footprint Red is water used in home/yard 39 gallons/dayYellow is transportation/energy 1158 gallons/dayGreen is diet 717 gallons/dayGrey is used for stuff 76 gallons/day A water foot print is our effect on the environment with the amount of water that we use. How we can shrink our water foot prints: Take shorter showers Use a dishwasher Eat less meat My ecological footprint An ecological foot print is our effect on the environment with our everyday actions. Some ways of shrinking our ecological footprint are: vacation close to home close the refrigerator door wash cloths in cold water Red is food 12%Yellow is shelter 15%Green is mobility 8%Grey is goods 16%Blue is services 50% The U.S. accounts for more than 83% of the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere. The U.S. accounts for more than 2842 m^3/yr to be considered waste water. Also with the global climate change, water is not being regenerated as fast compared to how we use it. In order to support my current lifestyle, it would take 4.5 planet Earths to provide enough resources. The productive acreage would be 20 global acres.Based on the carbon footprint calculator my total greenhouse gas emissions of 27 tons of CO2 eq/year is the same as the average American. Americans produce more than any other country in the world. (world average per person is 5.5 tons eq/year) Based on my current habits, my water footprint of 1990 gallons per day is less than the average American, which is 2088. Reflection Carbon footprint: Since the U.S. is responsible for most of the CO2put into the atmosphere, I feel that I should reduce my carbon footprintby using more efficient lights and recycling more. Water footprint: Based on the data from the calculator, Ineed to make my biggest change in the watercategory. I feel that I should reduce my water footprint by taking shorter showers and eating less meat. Ecological footprint: Because the U.S. is the worst country by polluting the water, land, and air I feel that I should reduce my ecological footprintby washing my cloths in cold water and closing the refrigerator door faster. Overall: Overall, I have realized what a big impact I have on the Earth and it's resources.I will try to be better by doing all of the things Ihave mentioned in my other bullets.
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