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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EVERYBODY needs Feminism Its like we tell students to be "who they want to be"but when they are who they want to be, their shot down for being inappropriate Unnoticed gender bias in education, like the term " Boys will be Boys" When schools ignore Sexist Racist Homophobic and violent interactions between students, They are given tactic approval to such behavior Yet boys are taunted for acting Hey! why are there so many men in family films -well men out number women in family films 3-1 when in reality women comprise just over 50% of our population What about women in the film industry? 'Like a GIRL' Special services in education appear to be applied more liberally to boys than to girls, because "...Giftednesss is seen as aberrant and girls strive to conform" Feminism isnt just angry white lesbians.Its about abolishing gender roles,sexual norms and sexist practices that limit and punish you whenever you deactivate them to call your self a feminist all you have to do is believe in one thing.That everyone, Male, female,-and EVERY THING in between- Should be have equal political economical and social rights out of 1565 content creatorsonly 7% of Directors (yellow)13% of Writers (Green) and20% of Producers (Blue)are women, the rest are men from 2006 to 2009 not a single. Not ONE! female character was depicted in a g-rated family film; to be in the Fields of medical science a business leader, in law, or in Politics in these films 80% of all characters are male while only 20% are female Humans areHumans
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