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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mesoamerica Final Project Inca Maya, Aztec, Inca Aztec Maya Time:1325-1521Religion: many gods Government :was kind of harsh Aztec Inca Maya Time:1100-1533Religion:many gods Government: they collection of village states Time:200bc-900adReligion: many gods Government: they had a collection of village states Acheivement Summary Three things people believe caused the Mayans disappearance are1. warfare 2. disease 3.famine CSI: MAYAN MYSTERIOUS DISAPEARNCE How did trade impact their civilization? you could trade something yo don't like for something you do like.How did religion impact their culture? if your parents was the king you would be a prince if your parents was poor you would be poor.How did the geography impact their culture? It impacted their culture because it made their civilization more advance. double click to change this header text! I believe that the Mayan was war like because maybe a lot of there family was killed in war. The Maya had1.created zero2.created infinity 3.they had farmers 4.crossed eye wife's 5. they had a nice king. The Aztec had1.many gods 2.Spanish explorer 3.they were advance.4. they had toilets 5. they are a fair king. The Inca had1.king that powered the government 2. stricted government 3 great king 4. many gods 5. fair kingdom. They are similiar because... Picture of Key figure Picture of Acheivement cortez was a spanish travler
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