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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Little Woman By: Louisa May Alcott Made By: Ashley McCoy Amy was one the four sisters. Theywasn't well off in life like they desired. In the beginning of the story Amy has to face the problem of being both a professional artist and a dutiful woman this creates conflict and pushes the boundaries set by nineteenth-century American society. Amy tried to focus on one's art, pleasure, and person. She struggled to live both a dutifulfamily life and a meaningful professional life. She tries to break free from these problems and nurture her individuality. Amy contantly stuggles with vanity and trying to be happyShe turns down Fredick Vaughns offer of marriage even though he is rich, because she doesn't love him. Amy struggled to sing good. Her voice was terrible and she was patient and limited with this struggleput on a young woman. She couldn't do the events and things like her sisters could, but eventually accept it. Amy went through many conflicts that changed her character. In the story she goes through many conflicts and struggles that make her a better person. Amy also mispronounced words. This problem made her not be able to conform the way society wants them too. Such as, behavior, speechand having a delicate girly voice. These are some of the conflicts that Amy went through.These conflicts changed her character tremendously andmade her a better person in the end.
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