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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Johny B. Goode The Rules of Hockey The Basic Rules and Calls Offsides 1950's Icing Chuck Berry Major Penalty Minor Penalty Penalty Shot MikayelKoloyan Boarding Delayed Penalty High-Sticking Holding Hooking Interference Misconduct MelikJanoyan Washout Slashing Roughing double click to change this title text! Offsides happenswhen the puck arrivesin the defending teamszone after a player ofthe attacking team. Tripping Spearing Cross-Checking Icing is called whenthe puck travels acrossat least the center redline and the goal linewithout being touched. Minor penalties areserved for twominutes. A player takes anunopposed shot on thegoalie. Penalty shots areawarded when a playeris taken down from behindwhen they have aclear path of the goal. Charging Elbowing Major penalties are servedfor five minutes. They arecalled for fighting or whena minor penalty iscommitted with intentto injure. The whistle is not blownuntil the penalized teamtouches the puck. Boarding is called whena player does somethingto cause the opposingplayer to be violentlythrown into the boards. Charging is called whena player takes three ormore strides beforemaking contact withan opponent. Cross-checking is calledwhen a player hitsanother player with bothhands on his/her stickand the stick off of the ice. Elbowing is calledwhen a player hitsanother player withhis/her elbow. Misconduct is called forunsportsmanlike behaviorsuch as abusive language,challenging an official'sruling, etc. It is also calledwhen one player has twomajor penalties in one game. Interference is calledwhen a playerimpedes the progressof an opponentwithout the puck. Hooking is called whena player impedes theprogress of an opponentby putting their stickaround part of theopponent's body. Holding is called whena player doesn't allowan opponent to move,either by using his/herhands or stick. High-sticking is calledwhen a player carrieshis/her stick above thenormal waist positionand makes contactwith an opponent. Roughing is calledwhen a player usesunnecessary violenceagainst another player,i.e. shoving. Slashing is called whena player swings his/herstick at an opponent. Slashing is called whena player stabs anopponent with the pointof the stick blade. Tripping is called whena player touches anopponent casing themto fall. A washout is signaledby the referee whenthere is no offsides oricing. It is also usedto wave off a goal.
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