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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Arabization Translating (terms) scientific expressions into Arabic. Translation Arabization The Transation1- Must be one word.2- cover all the semantic meaning of the original term. Sociology : سوسيولوجيا علمالاجتماع Two ways:1- LexicalArabiztion.Vitamin فيتامين 2- ContextualArabization." used to mean "a line of camels" Now it meansTrain"because it looks like a line of camels. Methods:1- Naturalization2- Transcription Arabization andTranslation areinterconnected. Arabization is a part of Translation. Arabization startedin the 5th centuryArabic has great potentials and it is flexible enoughto embrace newterms Translating any text into Arabic or BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ARABIZATION:1-Knowing the TL and the SL2- being specialized in the fieldof the arabized word3-Understanding the semantic meaning before trying to arabize.4-Keep the well known term and term that are named after a scientist .5- Use classic Arabic as long as it carries the same meaning Methods ofArabization Derivation Translation Blending Compounding Naturlization 1-Many new term2-Inability to spread the Arabized terms3-Inability to develop the Arabic language4-Only few term are being Arabized5-Multiplicity Problems in Arabization 1-Arabizing and spreading new terms.2-Unifying term.3-Publishing specialized dictionaries.4-Establishing arabization academies Solutions: is better than transcriptionbecause it follows thegrammatical and phonologicalsystems of Arabic Naturlization By:Hanan Al-AmriNouff Bin Saada
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