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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DOG Main characters: JonathanTremain-Dynamic, Rab Silsbee-Static,Priscilla Lapham-DynamicEphraim Lapham-StaticLavinia Lyte Tremain-Dynamic Jonathan Tremain-Dynamicbecause Johnny was slightlycruel until he burned his handand he lost his job so he had to find a new life among the leaders of the Boston whig party Rab Silsbee-Static becausehe is always quiet and always has unassuming confidence Priscilla Lapham-Staticbecause she is loyal andcaring for her sisters Ephraim Lapham-Dynamicbecause he was johnnys master before he hurt hishand and then he fired him Lavinia Lyte Tremain-Dynamicshe was rich when she had a husband and then he died and now shes poor Conflict Johnny struggles to overcome his arrogance and selfishness and to develop into an independent, humble, generous, and patient young man. The war begins between the colonists and the British Johnny learns of Rabs death during the battle of Lexington and completes his break from his past arrogant self. Climax Johnny hurt his hand and helost his job and then he joinedthe Boston Whig Party Main Events It is all another way of sayingGods way of sayingthat pride goeth before a fall.Johnny speaks these words in the first chapter to reiterate the lesson that Mr. Lapham has just tried to teach him about the sin of pride. Quote Humility Theme Willow-a tree or shrub of temperate climates that typically has narrow leaves, bears catkins, and grows near water.P.17Lamentable-deplorably bad orunsatisfactory.P.18Basin-a bowl for washing, typically attached to a wall and having faucets connected to a water supply.P.26Nonchalance-the state of beingnonchalant.P.77Pious-devoutly religious.P.83 Vocabulary Brayden Proctor Setting: Colonial Boston Esther Forbes Johnny Tremain Esther Forbes
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