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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INCA:Time: A.D. 1100-1533Religon: polythiesticGoverment: powerful and hadcontrol of everything MAYA:Time: B.C.200-A.D.900Religion: PolythiesticGoverment: was very strictof religion and beliefs AZTEC:Time: A.D.1325-1521Religion: polythiesticGoverment: Made city-stateswith a noble leader Inca, Maya, and Aztec How did trade impact this civilization?trade had impacted this civilizationby letting them have nice, rare, and unique items and then they couldsell it for a lot.How did religion impact there culture?the religion had impacted there cultureby letting make what they had made200 thousand years ago, statues of gods and some goverments in Maya had been very strict about cultureand they had special did geogrophy impact there culture?geography had impacted there cultureby letting them read if they were aspecial person or group like a castethen you only could learn so muchbut scribes were very importantcause they were able to read and write. I am Herman Cortes was aspanish quocastador i overthrough the great Aztec empire. therefor i won mexico for myspanish king The Maya had made the concept zero. This concept andunderstandings of mathematicals and wasvery complex. Aztec:1. education2. floating gardens3. color red4. soccer5. they had rectangle city plots Maya:1. had temples2. had god and goddess statues3. had special civilizations4. had a special river to carry down lootin a boat5. they grew lots of papyrus and had many feast Inca:1. they had no problem sending note to each other2. children sacrifices3. small area to grow food4. were not monothiestic5. males were very important
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