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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Signers of the Constitution There were 39 signers of the Constitution. The 39 people were George Washington lived in VA, Benjamin Franklin lived in PA, James Madison lived in VA,Alexander Hamilton lived in NY,Robert Morris lived in PA, James Wilson lived in PA, Cotesworth Chas Pinckney lived in SC, Chas Pinckney lived in SC, John Rutledge lived in SC, Pierce Butler lived in SC, Roger Sherman lived in CT, Samuel William Johnson lived in CT, James McHenry lived in MD, George Read lived in DE, Richard Bassett lived in DE, Dobbs Richard Spaight lived in NC, William Blount lived in NC,Hugh Williamson lived in NC, Rufus King lived in MA, Nathaniel Gorman lived in MA, Jonathan Dayton lived in NJ, Daniel Carroll lived in MD, William Few lived in GA, Abraham Baldwin lived in GA John Langdon lived in NH, Nicholas Gilman lived in NH, William Livingston lived NJ, William Patterson lived in NJ, Thomas Mifflen lived in PA, George Clymer lived in PA, Thomas FitzSimsons lived in PA, Jared Ingersoll lived in PA, JR. Gunning Bedford lived in DE, David Brealey lived in NJ, John Dickenson lived in DE, John Blair lived in VA, Jacob Broom lived in DE and thats all the people that signed the Constitution. There was a few presidents there names were James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and there was one vice president named Elbrige Gerry. They wore Powdered wigs,Breeches ,Waistcoats { Wisket}, Frockcoat, stockings and shoes, Tricorne Hats. The oldest person to sign the Constitution was 81 the youngest was 26
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