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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Time :AD 1325-1521Religion:polytheistic Time :AD 1100-1533Religion: mountain peeks are gods Time :200 BC-AD 900Religion:they believed in many gods that can hurt or help them AZTEC INCA MAYA picture KEY FIGURE: diary AZTEC INCA MAYA 1.they had a collection of city states controlled by a noble2.their way of beauty is considered ugly in our culture3.there is not alot of good farming in the maya culture 1they were polytheistic.2.they had a spanish invator to help concur the aztecs3.they had a legend where they saw an eagle with a snake in his mouth 1.they worshiped a Sapa who did everything.2.he was a hero for stopping his father for sacrificing people3.every mountain peek was a god How did religioin impact their civilizations?the religion impacted there lives on legends and he path they followed in life and what they were supposed to do.How did geography impact their civilizations?geography impacts there lives because some civilizations didn't have food or floating gardens and some monsoons that could ruin their houses. Three theories for why the Mayans disappeared are.... 1. desises 2.horrible warfare3.famindI believe the thriving Mayan civilization came to an end because .... they didnt have very good leaders and there people didnt treat them with good food and good thing. plus thier population is small so their warfare was not good so they can get destroyed easely Picture double click to change this title text! Innovation the trade impacted their lives by how much they ate or got an the supply of food. the religion impacted their culture because they didn't have a choice but to follow their dynasty.the geography impacted their culture because if they didnt have much to eat thecould have died or not lived that long.
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