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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 9% Many parts of the dystopian U.S are chock full of creatures capableof death, americans are stupid enough to hunt them. Hereare some fun stats of peoplein that region that were killedor fatally wounded because they instigated something stupid. (the last 5 years.) 14% 20% 31% 16% 10% north west mid west north east south east south west coast in 20s represented The west coast is a cluster of fire-breathing everything.Dragons, phoenix's, nine-tailed fox spirits, you name it. Everything eventuallycools down when mating season is upon us. The midwestcontains many waterelementals.these fae are particularly prone to causing blizzardsor buildingrandom lakes. The region of the northeast is hometo Absaras'(female cloud spirits),magical cats,tree nymphs andHaetae (dog-lionhybrids) Fun Fact! Fun Fact! Over the last 5 yearsthe indigenouspeoples of said regionshave learned to livewith these creaturesnot many know where they reside outside of the cities. Not much really happens down here,mostly expeditions intothe lush forests in search of exotic foodsand medicines.You're likely to encounter tree guardians,gyasctus', and Jotunn. The northwestis relatively chill, justsome ghostsand nocturnals hereand there. Of course we all know crazystuff happens in the southeast. Down here Alicorns roam free,Mermaids chill out and surround the peninsula,Griffins and Turtle Duckslive in peace down here.
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