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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 December Different Students Contacted from SSA attendance monitoring September(SSA Team Birth) Reasons for Student absence - Short term illness- Reoccuring illness- Bereavements- Financial Difficulties- Accomodation Issues- Work/Study Clashes 708 45% Response ratefrom contact 41% Team SSA in CEBE 2014 Any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to contact: - Welcome week.- Setup database logging student contact.- Sorted through and contacted part enrolledstudents.- Began working on attendancemonitoring systems. November 70%+ attendancethis year -Mass final year student facing session ordering'class of 2015' hoodiesand obtaining NSS styleresponses through short questionnaire.- Collated data and analysed responses. - Create more 'face toface student sessions.- Targeted intervention.- NSS Support. - Began contacting studentsbased on low attendanceand understanding generalreasons for attendance.- Receiving studentcontact requests from staff based on attendance/ engagement.- Implemented student attendance lookupdatabase. The Future(2015) - Presented 'how SSA'suse SAMs data to PL's'.- Continued contacting students based on attendance/ engagement on weekly/ monthly/ semester basis. 333 311 1677 Students contacted from tutor suggestion Final year students met face to face (hoodie order/ NSS stylequestionnaire) 23% Of CEBE studentpopulation Were Contacted Total amountof student contact October
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