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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Goal 1/2:-3 KGFrom 13.03.2015Until 13.05.2015 Goal 2:5-6 ONLINE sales perday with Coalashopbeginning at20.03.2015! WHY?To have money incoming so I donยดt have to go andwork for somebody elseTo feel that I succeeded, so to prove myselfTo enjoy the results of my hard workTo give joy to people through our productsTo gain Time on my handLATER (2016):To have money for investing purposesBesides investments, also buy a house for us 1 liter green tee for every day! Cardio workout 30-40 mins daily in the evening Morning Routine No fast food, alcohol, salt,sugar (instead honey),white pasta, rice or flower Trying to eat fish2 times a week Eating small portionsof food Alkaline and Antioxidants and Power Foods:All berries, all beans, avocado,tomato, broccoli, garlic, lemon, nettles tee,nuts, fish, paprika, lentil, peas, artichoke, SPINACH,Cucumber, Potato, Vinegar, Yoghurt for healthy bacteria,curry, Granatapple Eating a LOT OF fruits and veggies every single DAY!Carrots for snacks. I am not eating passed p.m.!If hungry then veggies or fruits! I know exactly, what I putinto my body every time! Not seeking for excuses, action rules! Using olive oil instead of fat Using the Mirror Technique Constantly educating myselfregarding eating habits, vitaminesbody so everything regarding HEALTH! Help withVisualization Never lose focus!Concentrate every single day!Use auto-suggestion and seekfor help.Celebrate the smallresults too! EatClean! START:12.13.2014 Continue with the second part of the goal in the same way,same habits, same routine
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