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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexican American War Before After What was the Was a War fought between the U.S and Mexico that started April 25, 1846 and ended May 30, 1848. The United States gained more than 500,00 square miles of Mexican lands. Mexican-American War ? Who were the Presidents? United States Mexico Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty that ended the Mexican-AmericanWar. This agreement was negotiated by a dipolmat named Nicholas Trist. This agreement stated thatMexico had to surrender 55% of it's territory, includingwhat is today, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona. 1848 James Knox Polk Antonio Lรณpez de Santa Anna 1846 April 25 Mexican and American armies fire at each other for the first time inBrownsville, Texas. May 8 First major battle between the two nations. This battle occurred in Palo Alto. June 14 Bear Flag symbolizes rebellion against Mexico to declare California's independence July 7 The United States Navy seizes Monterey, California. General Taylor's army was victorious once again and took over another city that belongedto Mexico. February 22-23 Generals Taylor and Wool and their troops were largely outnumbered when they met The Mexican armynear Buena Vista. Yet, they still claimed the victory, one that earned General Taylor to be respected and successful. September 14 1847 General Scott and his troops arriveto Mexico City and fight their final battle against a worn out army. Thevictory by the U.S. marks the unofficialend of the Mexican-American War. Texas Revolution Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny is simply the reason why the Mexican-American War began. They United States believed it was a God's given destiny, to extend the U.S from sea to shining sea. Why? Why? American settlers, Tejanos, and Mexicans did not like Santa Anna's laws so they wanted their own independence. Alamo Alamo February 23, 1836, Santa Annaand more than a thousand Mexicans began to seize a fort called the Alamo.The Tejanos were outnumbered with only having 200 defenders. This ledfor 13 days until a morning in March, Mexicans broke through a breach in the outer wall and overpowered the Texans. Major Players in the Alamo Alamo Davy CrockettConnel Jim BowieWilliam Travis "Remember the Alamo" "Remember the Alamo!" 4 APUSH Themes Used -patters of continuity, periodization, interpretation, and appropriate use of evidence Leslie Tobar
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