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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mr.Darcy- He is a wealthy man how lives in Pemberley. He is also one of the more important characters Elizabeth Bennet- She ths one of the daughters of the Bennet family and she is also the main chatacter. She is also the one that giudes us through the book Mr.Bennet and Mrs.Bennet - The father and mother of the Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Mr.William Collins- He is the cousin of Mr.Bennet and he is also a clergyman and because the Bennets have no sons he is the next heir for the Bennet estate Mr.Wickham- Is a man from a poor family and he is in look for a wealthy one to marry into. He can also be very cunning. Lady Catherine de Bourgh- Compared to Elizabeth Lady Catherine is more of a fallow the rules type of person Georgiana Darcy- She is the younger sibling of Mr.Darcy. She is also whatched over by not only Mr.Darcy but also her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. CHARACTERS: Mr.Bingley- He is the best friend of Mr.Darcy.He is also a very very kind man. Miss Caroline Bingley- She is the sister of Mr.Bingley and she is also more thanfocused on gettingto marry Mr.Darcy. Jane Bennet- She is the oldest out of the five sisters and the most friendly with Elizabeth Mary Bennet- She is the moststudious out of all of the bennet sisters but she has now real talent to show off. Kitty Bennet- She is less studious than Mary Bennet and equally as talanted. Lydia Bennet- She is the teenager of the family that just wants, wants, wants and in the end Mr.Wickham is forced to marry her. Mr. and Mrs.Gardiner- Mr.Gardiner is the brother of Mrs.Bennet. They end up being a greater help to Elizabeth and Jane then their own parents were. Charlotte Lucas- She is Elizabeth's best friend. Exposition- "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." That is what Mrs.Bennet says to Mr.Bennet when she hearsthat a wealthy unmarried man is moving into town. Rising action- The rising action all started when they first went to the ball that Mr.Bingly had held. This then lead to the hearing about Mr.Darcy a manwho was not a very fun guy. Then the girls...( ). After that they took some time off with their other family in Pemberly. The family members being Mr. and Mrs.Gardiner. There the girls got some real advice on what to do about marrige. About how to wait it out and not jump into one guy so quickly. Then they headed back to home where they were then invited to another party. Here at the party Mister Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and she declines "as nicely as possible." So...( ).Then they head back once again to Premberly because...( ). This is then where Elizabeth changes her thought on Mr.Darcy and belives that if he were to proposes again she would accept. Climax- The climax is when Mr.Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and she says yes. Falling action- Resolution- Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice By: Jane Austen Favorite scene- My favorite scene form the book was in chapter ( ). It was when Elizabeth was called over by ( ) and was told to "lay off of Mr.Darcy" or "don't get in my way because I am going to marry him first" and how she responded to it was great. Elizabeth said "I don't have to listen to you I can do what ever I want and if I want to marry Mr.Darcy then that is what i am going to do!" I enjoyed this scene because it showed that little anger that has built up with( ) annoying her so much and I feel like she let it out at just the right time. Extras: Did You Know! Jane Austen first try to publish the book in 1797 under the name of . First Impressions . Just like cars today, carragies were thought of the same back then. The more you have the richer you are.
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