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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How I impact the world! Ecological Water 450 900 Carbon This next chart is how much waste I make ecologically. The yellow is services, green is shelterred is food, blue are goods and grey is mobility. To support my lifestyle, it would take about 21 global acres of the earths productive area, 5 earths to provide enoughresources if everyone lived like me and 20 tons of CO2. Most people in America life pretty high, so this is normal. But how I can help this is not using so much energy, recycle, and instead of replacing things every few years I could wait at least 10 or more.But not everyone gets to live like this either.The sad thing is that most resources we use are limited, so once they run out there will beno more. If we all worked together to reduce the pollution we put out onto the earth and useour resources with limit so we don't waist them, our future could look a lot better. A few things I do and that you could do to reduce the amount of wastewe create is recycle most of the items we could throw away, turn off electronics when not in the room, turn off the water when not using it, walk ortake the bus when going home from school, and wear cloths that are not totally dirty instead of throwing still clean cloths in the laundry hamper. You know whats scary? Horror games!But also the amount of waste we create everydayby just doing simple everyday things.Here are a few charts to show how muchwaste an average person like me can create every day. There are so many other ways you could do to reduce the waste in your home.If you are an artist like I am, you could take recycled objects and used themto sculpt something really cool or use them for cool sounds for music.Plus, with all the waste you reduce, you could safe a lot of money too.Keep you, the Earth and your piggy bank happy. :3 So this is what we can do! Most of the CO2 in America that is put into our air is mostly from traveling.The gasses pollute our air and could hurt the vegetation and animals thatlive around the area, even us!It is not healthy for us to breath in the nasty fumes from cars and planes. On the left is a chart that shows how many gallons of water I use everyday.The yellow shows how much is used if my diet. Same with carbon, I could eat more organic foods, or cut down on how much water is used when cooking thingsthat need water to be boiled in. That can safe a lot of water.The blue shows transportation. I do not drive, but My parents drive around a lot.I can not stop my parents from driving, but sense we do live close to the storeswe could walk there instead of taking the car.The green shows how much water I use with my stuff.My family does not do laundry every week because we still have clean cloths. We keepthings pretty clean or just use a rag to wipe thing off like crumbs or little spills.The red is how much water we use on the house and yard, I live in an apartment so the water used there is pretty low. I hate it when I come home tomy forest rivers being polluted. In the pie chart on the left, red represents Recycling and waste, blue represents foodand yellow represents energy I use at home. I did not have Driving and flying on this chart because I can not drive yet. But even if I did, I would most likely walk to places because I life close to everything, I could ride a bike there too.If I lived miles away from a place, I would use a car then.Most of my greenhouse gasses come from energy I use at home.I could fix this by turning off electronics when not in the room. The 2nd thing that I do to create greenhouse gasses are the foods I eat.I could fix this by eating foods that are more organic.Why the Recycling and waste is so low is because I recycle a lot ofthe objects that could be thrown in the trash. Tori Donelson
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