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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Time :Religion:polythistic Government:no central goverment AZTEC INCA MAYA AZTEC INCA MAYA 1. no central goverment 2. writing 3.astronomy 4.pottery 1.farmed alot of thier foods 2.they used canals 3.they city was built on a lake 4.Their city was called Texcoco say in the government2.they sacrificed 3.they mummified 4.they believed in the sfter life Similarities: 1.polythisitic 2.the trade 3. How did religion impact their civilizations?they tried to keep their gods happy How did geography impact their civilizations?the Incas couldn't invent the wheel the Aztecs invented floating gardens How did trade impact their civilization? Three theories for why the Mayans disappeared are.... 1.disease 2.famine 3.warfare I believe the thriving Mayan civilization came to an end because of a disease because they planted most of their food was planted and they didn't have pesticides back then so a bug could have got into their food and spread a disease. Innovation Time :Religion: polytheistic Government: nosay in government Time :Religion: polythisticGovernment: well planned MesoAmerica Final Project By: Tanijah I Herman Cortes was a spanish conquistador i overthrew the great Aztec empire. there for i won mexico for my spanish king The Mayan invented the concept of zero.This concept and understanding of mathematics was a very advanced for its time
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