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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 38% There's no escaping bullies, in every school, playground and even sport. A total of 3 million children in the U. S. alone are bullied annually and it seems like not enoughpeople are doing anything about it. 25% 10% 20% double click to change this title text! There are countless forms of bullying, one of the most used is cyber bullying where the offender uses social media sites to attack the other user. This is illegal in many places, including Nova Scotia. The percentage of people who get bullied on some of the most popular sites on the web. Stopthebleeding REPORT IT, DON'T SUPPORT IT Bullying is becoming more prevalent than ever in North America and its a huge problem. Studies show that the largest percentage of bullying happens to tanagers, especially girls, which make school good hunting grounds for bullies. 1 in 5 kids in high school alone have experienced bullying beforeand its not going down its going up. Boys and girls are both affected by bullying, but in different ways. Boys experience more physical and verbal bullying while girls are victims of sexual harassment, emotional aggression and online abuse. Facts and statistics on bullying - A larger percent of boys are bullied than girls - 85%of boys have experienced bullying before and 75% of girls have - The sad part is, only 1 in 3 people report bullying, it should be 3 in 3.
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