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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buy your Gerberian Shepsky for $1500.00 Siberian Husky The Siberian Huskies are found in Asia,they are good to be in the cold.They have thick, soft coats to keep them from getting cold.Siberian Huskies can make very good family pets.Siberian Huskies are domesticated animals.Sibes (Siberian) are commonly known for their friendliness towards people.Huskies are high energetic and playful. German Shepherd German Shepherds are found in Germany, discovered in 1899 they are one of the most courageous and loyal dogs. German Shepherds are fearless, and are highly intelligent and will listen to commands quickly.They are protective of their house and family.They are good with kids, they can be good guard dogs.They are also good for the cold.And are highly energetic and playful. Gerberian Shepsky are domesticated dogs can be good for the cold and will stay warm because of the doubled- thick, soft coats they have.They will be good guard dogs, they will be great with kids and family members. They will be loyal and fearless dogs and will be protective with kids and family members. They are a very social,alerted, and playful dogs. And will listen to commands quickly. Gerberian Shepsky Buy your Gerberian Shepsky for your child or someone special in your life now and they will love you forever.Buy one now or youwill regret it. They will be AKC Registered dogs and will come with a 3 generation pedigree certificate.
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