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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 For more details, visit our website at Our Successes Increase Productivity +2 hours/day Self reported by 2000 participants Leadership Ability Cost Effective Globally Scalable Behavior change through repetitive smart action Intuitive & Easy to Use Journaling & Action Planning High Tech collaboration tools ensure success Resoures Resourses Urban Area-35.4%Areas of Urbanization have become locationswithout a sufficient supply of water which has led to unsanitary conditions for 75 percent of the population. Forest, Meadows, and Pastures-6.4%The Congo river itself is surrounded by a dense population of humid and dry forest that contain indigenous wildlife and groups of people. However due to illegal deforestation activities the forest has lost an area three size the country of Belgium which has lead to pollution in the river. JumpShifts Automated Leadership App breaks traditional barriers and delivers leadership & professional skills development programmes with the same human touch & interaction Agricultural-9.7%Agriculture is used mostly as a resource for the families to grow crops of peanuts and rice, while some households will even grow tobacco, cocoa, coffee, and sugar cane as cash crops.For protein people will hunt wild animals and fish in the rivers and lakes, which can receive rainfall throughout the year, but the climate is usually dry and dusty. The Democratic Republic of the Congo Land Use and Management Project By Sarah Boley and Matthew Stjernholm Agricultural practices for conserving water such as land leveling, irrigationor dry farming, and brush control. In urban areas the citizens can improve water quality by improving the sanitationand this can be enhanced by recycling, gardening, using spoiled food as compost. Land Management Methods The simplest way to clean pollution from the river would be to not litter and pick out a small piece trash from the river. A more complex way to clean the Congo would be encouraging others to do the same.
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