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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mesoamerica Final Project Inca Diary Maya, Aztec, Inca Aztec Time:AD 1325-1521Religion:They had 3 important gods who were either related by marriage or blood.Government:The emperor placed one noble to be in charged of one city. Aztec Inca Maya Time:AD 1100-1533Religion:they believed in omens and signs and the power of dreams.Government:He was all powerful. Time:200 BC-AD 900 Religion:Earth is for living and they also worship gods. Government:One noble family controlled each city, was not a unified nation, The Aztecs invented a way to teach kids to learnso they still have knowledge . Three things people believe caused the Mayans disappearance are1. Warfare2.Disease3.Famine CSI: MAYAN MYSTERIOUS DISAPEARNCE How did trade impact their civilization? It impact their civilization because, they had more stuff that seemed more useful.How did religion impact their culture? It impact there life because, they started to use things differently and see things differently, Think differently.How did the geography impact their culture?It impact there life because they sacraficed childern and people for the gods to be happy. double click to change this header text! I belieive Diease happened because if it were warfare the city would be destroyed and if famine no trees. The Aztec had1.polytheism 2.emperor3.Tenochtitlan 4. Hernan Cortez The Inca had1.power and dreams2.The government was all powerful3.They found there place with an eagle4.That had many warriors 1.polytheism 2.many temples3.mesoamerica Picture of Key figure Picture of Acheivement Hornan Cortes was a Spanish solider who wanted to build more things for people to trade and travel easier. The Maya had1.Worship Gods2.Noble family's3.schools4.roads5.they established farming villages Maya
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