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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CIEKAWE FILMY NA ZIMOWE WIECZORY double click to change this title text! Film making is a long, technical process that requires skill and lots of patience. There are many steps to making a film from writing the script, to editing your recordings. A sceenplay is the written form of the movie. the screenplay includes what your characters say, where the scene is located and what all happens in the scene. Step 1: Write the screenplay. Step 2: Gather crew A crew is a very important factor in making film. You need people to control lights, sound, camera, transportation, editing, acting and possibly a co director. A good idea is to have auditions for the characters in the movie. Step 3: Choose location Location is very important when making a movie. Location is based on what the story is about. If your movie is about a man living in new york city, then the scenes should be shot around New York City. Step 4: Start filming This step takes the longest, and is the hardest.Filming a movie requires lots of skill and determination. When filming you have to take in consideration of lights, cameras and the sound. Step 5: Edit Work. After recording sound and video you must edit your recorded work and make it into a movie.Editing requires movie making software and lots of patience. After the Film is put togetherand everything looks good then you have to produce, or sell your film. Step 6: Produce or sell movie. If a producer likes your movie, he'll buy the movie from you and put it on the screen or dvd. You could submit your filmto a film festival in hopes of getting it found their. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Sources
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