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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ...Sadly, the road to equality and a better understanding to different cultures and interests remains a very long.... Disability: Despite a lot ofawareness for people with disability,there is still a lack of understanding for peoplewho have special needs.There is also a lack of ways to help peopleissues moving to have full access to certain areas,therefore making them feel that they are not valued. Racial Differences:For hundreds of years, there has beena lot of ethnical prejudice against people with different religions or of different races. This has lead to a lot of confrontation and has resulted inpeople speaking up for the rights of foreigners.However in these complicated times today, our opinions on someraces and religions has sadly been questionable. Homosexuality: A very common issue in the modern day is the lack of acceptance for men and women who may love another of the same gender.This is known as homosexuality, which even in some countries today, still see this as a crime.Even in some developed countries, I feel there is still a lack of understanding for homosexual people. Gender and Age Differences: There has always been a large debate based entirely on which gender is superiorand which age group is most suited for the modern world. Initially, this was because of a lack of understanding towards gender and age differences.Today, this has improved, but there are still questions over the way men are paid at work and on how the elderly are being treatedwhen they are in retirement. Special Interests: In the modern day, you would expect people to be more accepting about peoples' interests than before.Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out therejudge and reject others for having specific interests that othersmay not like themselves.Online, there are still groups of people who wish toexploit and mistreat others, just for liking things others may not. Inequality and Prejudice
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